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About the Orchestra

The Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2021 and is a musician-led orchestra that provides a unique concert experience via orchestral and chamber music. Located in Allentown, PA, we offer a wide variety of chamber music, works both with and without conductor, and a spectrum of concert repertoire. Comprised of talented musicians in the Eastern Pennsylvania area and beyond, LVCO provides a diverse, vibrant, culturally enriching experience to the listener through a wide variety of music and concert events.


Why Our Music Matters

Any musician you ask would have different answers as to how music has inspired them and positively impacted their lives. We hope to also pass on this sense of inspiration and enrichment to our audience, and in doing so, enhance the quality of life and economic vitality of the Lehigh Valley community.

What makes Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra unique?

LVCO is a completely musician-run orchestra. As a result, our orchestra members have a hand in our rehearsing, the repertoire our group performs, and running the group as a non-profit organization. As a chamber orchestra, we are looking to stretch the boundaries regarding what our concerts feature. Aside from traditional orchestra works, we integrate chamber music, or music for small ensembles, featuring sections of our orchestra that complement the full concert program. Therefore, our concerts often include pieces such as string quartets, woodwind chamber music, etc. In addition, aside from traditional repertoire, we also strive to program wonderful works from underrepresented composers within each season.


LVCO is proud to call the Lehigh Valley home!

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